Updating schools

25-Dec-2017 10:42

Three factors generally trigger a decision to take a serious look at an aging school: health and safety deficiencies, outdated or poorly operating building systems, and program changes.Before a school district embarks on a major renovation project, it must determine whether it is better to replace the existing facility with a new school.Renovating can simply be the right thing to do, make the most economical sense or provide a school district with the right space given available funds.

Individual spaces can be controlled with sensors that can lower temperatures and ventilation rates when a room is unoccupied.Other health- and safety-related issues that can trigger major upgrades include electrical systems that are inadequate and unsafe, lack of sprinkler systems, asbestos in flooring and pipe insulation, inadequate fire alarm and emergency systems, poorly designed access measures to meet ADA requirements, and inadequate or nonexistent security systems.

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