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Envisat is an Earth observation satellite built by the ESA.Weighing 8.2 tons and measuring 25 m long, It is the heaviest unmanned civil satellite.

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The aim of this equipment is to provide interfaces for both simulation and stimulation of the sensors and actuators that make up this AOCS, at the same time as enabling real-time simulation of the dynamic conditions, kinematics, and effects that the physical environment will have on the satellites.

Otros: eslora 112 m, manga 22 m, calado 7 m, propulsión diesel-eléctrica, grúa 40MT, grúa opcional 250MT, calado de trabajo 4 m, moonpool, helideck, capacidad para 110 personas, carrusel para cable opcional 600 T, dos hélices de proa en túnel y una retráctil.

pieces of equipment and systems successfully supplied to satellites and space vehicles for NASA, ESA, JAXA and Roscosmos.

To date, two preliminary studies have been completed as part of phase B1 of the e. One of these was led by the company ADS Bremen, with whom SENER in Poland have been working on the conceptual development of a clamping mechanism for the rigid capture and deorbiting of the satellite.

The team of engineers at SENER in Poland is participating in the design of one of the two mechanisms to grab the satellite – a robotic arm that will be used to bring Envisat closer and capture it for its destruction. Deorbit and Envisat) into the Earth’s atmosphere, where they will disintegrate.SENER in Poland’s involvement in this study, which is currently in its maturation phase, sets it up to bid on the subsequent development phases of the clamping mechanism.