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05-Feb-2018 12:55

For that matter, will they grow up inclined to think that disputed doctrines in general don’t really matter?

It’s not inevitable, but realistically, it’s a heightened risk.

Scenarios like these may not seem like urgent things to think about if you’re not involved with someone at the moment: They may seem hypothetical and remote.

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Hank Hanegraaff of CRI has a staff that gets him answers.In some cases, people haven’t thought as much about their doctrinal beliefs before they get married as they do afterward: They may grow more or less equally together, or one spouse may lead the other into a different understanding of God’s Word.Whether you consider this good or bad in any given case will depend on whether you think they’re moving toward the right understanding.If you do it mainly for the sake of your relationship — to please your mate, to avoid conflict, to give the two of you something to share — then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

Marriage is full of compromises over all kinds of things, but your worship and your convictions of biblical truth shouldn’t be among them.Let’s hear your thoughts — and your experiences, if you’ve had any you’d like to share.