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28-Nov-2017 16:47

In February, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union worked with our Program Administrator, Allied Solutions, to upgrade our GAP Program to a Refundable and 120 days delinquent product so our members will be able to enjoy our new “Skip-A-Pay” program in near future.

In January, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union wrapped up an IT Conversion that began in October, 2016.

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In August, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union added an additional e ZCard link for our members who want to access their Master Card Credit Card Accounts within It’s Me247.

For those that do not want to sign into It’s Me247 online banking, you may continue to find quick access on our website here…https://

In May, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union wrapped up a triple conversion to a joint venture w/CFPI & Cox Business on TV, Telephones, & Back-up Internet. (This was a cost saving move so we may keep expenses down and continue offering our members low loan rates, and high investment rates.) In April, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its Falcon Real Time monitoring of Debit Card transactions to 100%.

Maintenance & Monitoring Support by both CU*Answers & CU*South. This replaced our local IT service provider from January, 2016 below.

This will provide us with the most current and more accurate credit reports.

This process involved collaboration between CU*Answers, CU*South, Zoot, & Equifax.

In June, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union added a new “Self Service” option for our members who still use personal checks.

Members may now go online to RE-ORDER their own checks.

(Continue to offer members Alerts, Transaction Control, Balances, ATM Locations, & P2P-Instantly) * Add Tokenization within users smart phones & watches.